Willow Tree Auction

The auction is now closed! Thank you all so very much for your awesome support! We are truly blessed!

Welcome to Ladybug’s Willow Tree Nativity Auction!

Thank you for visiting. Please spend some time viewing the awesome Willow Tree nativity items we have available! These items are all new, not used.

Here are the auction rules:

1. The opening bid for each item is found in its description.

2. Please check the last/latest comment to ensure your bid is high enough.

3. To bid, simply leave your bid amount in a comment on the post featuring your desired item.

4. Please raise your bid by amount indicated with each item.

5. Only bid if you are committed to paying for the item if you should win.

6. Please ensure I can contact you if you win by either leaving your name (if I know you personally) or your first name and email (if I do not know you personally).

7. The auction will end Friday, February 20 at 12:00 noon (MT). Check back often until the auction closes to ensure you aren’t being outbid!

8. Shipping (if required) will be an additional $6.00 per item won.

9. Please post any general questions about the auction in a comment to this page, or email forgoodblog @ hotmail.com (without spaces).

Please share this auction far and wide! Remember that all proceeds will go toward our adoption expenses as we work hard to bring Ladybug home!

Thank you again!

Nativity #1

Nativitiy #2

Metal Star Backdrop #1

Metal Star Backdrop #2

Three Wisemen #1

Three Wisemen #2



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