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Prayer Requests

Last night, we were beyond blessed to have a small group of our church family surround us in prayer, feed us, and send us off with their blessings and support. It was beautiful, and it was exactly what we needed.

In preparation for our evening, I was asked to put together all of our prayer requests. What a daunting task! 🙂 Nevertheless, I wanted to share our list so that the rest of our friends and family and supporters can cover us in prayer these last days as a family of four, over the next month of becoming a family of five, and even into the fall when we become a family of six. Here goes nothing!

  • Our relationship with the Lord: We recognize that our relationship with God is our life source. Without Him, we will surely fail. Pray that we remain close to Him, seeking Him, listening carefully to Him, and worshiping Him no matter what becomes of our circumstances.
  • Chris’s and my relationship: Pray for clear communication and lots of love and grace for one another as we enter into this new season of life and marriage and parenthood. Pray that we stay well connected and sensitive to one another.
  • Poppy and Bumblebee: These sweet girls don’t know what’s coming! 🙂 Pray that we can continue to meet their needs well, all while making all of the necessary adjustments. Pray that they demonstrate resiliency and that Chris and I can read between the lines to help them through their sure-to-be big feelings! Pray that their relationship with one another would grow and be strong and that they would welcome Ladybug with open hearts and open arms.
  • Ladybug: This sweet little one fills my thoughts and my heart with all kinds of hopes and dreams and prayers. Pray that we are wise in her transition and that we love her effectively. Pray that the Lord would minister to her little heart and that she would know how deeply she is loved by Him and by us.
  • Our health: Pray for all of our health. This feels like a high-stakes trip! I am in my third trimester – there is much that I’d appreciate prayer for, for myself (aches and pains and energy and good sleep!) and for Gumdrop (mostly that baby would be safe and stay put!). Additionally, pray that we can adjust to Ladybug’s healthcare needs quickly and seamlessly.
  • Travel and paperwork process: Pray our bags make it to her country and then back to ours again when they’re supposed to. Pray that the airplanes do what they’re supposed to do when they’re supposed to do it. Pray for great seats and smooth trips (and understanding flight mates!) Pray that the paperwork process in country moves along as well as possible so that we are not delayed.
  • Extras: Pray for all of those extras that we know we can trust God with. You know, the “more than simply survival” stuff – taking advantage of the chance to see Ladybug’s country, make family memories, collect keepsakes, take photos, etc. Pray that we could have FUN and that, when our three girls look back on this time of life, that they would know how loved and cherished they each are and how JOYFUL life can be. Even if it’s also really hard and difficult.

I’m teary-eyed when I think of how God has used each of you in a special way to support us through this process. And, I know He and you all won’t leave us hanging now!


It’s go time

Court is scheduled. Flights are booked.

In a matter of just a few weeks, we will be on our way to Ladybug’s country for a final time as a family of four. We will return as a family of five!

The Lord has blessed us considerably, making a way where there first appeared to be none. Other little blessings spring forth: finances available to take Poppy and Bumblebee along, too; not even needing to miss one of my scheduled prenatal appointments for Gumdrop; more than a few days’ travel notice, and more. It makes the fact that we will leave only one week after her third birthday bearable. God knows why THIS specific timing is necessary, and we rejoice in His goodness!

We’ve known for almost a week and are furiously trying to implement all of the lists and plans that we’ve been building since we returned home the first time. Call this doctor. Buy this item. Prepare this piece. Send this email. Make this decision. All at the same time as swim lessons and Vacation Bible School and bedtimes and visits from family and washing the dishes. Anyone who knows me well knows that my perfectionism can tend to get the better of me, and I’m trying hard to not stress too much. But, I have caught a cold and stopped sleeping as well as normally. 🙂

I plan to write up a little post about our plan for our new family once we’re home. If you interact with us in real life, try to look for that post to come in the next week or two. In the meantime, prayer warriors, here’s how you can help:

*prep work – that preparing to travel will go well; that we’ll stay healthy and be well-rested

*traveling mercies – smooth and comfortable flights; baggage that goes where it’s supposed to; flights that go when their supposed to; Chris and I to have lots of love to help our littles manage the flight again

*transition prep – for Ladybug’s heart to be as prepared as possible; for Chris and I to remember all of our training and wisdom as it comes to making split-second decisions that are best for all 5 of us; that we can enjoy our family time in country

*homecoming – love and laughter and lots of sweet moments; wisdom and grace in the tough moments; for God to grant us support where we need it

Thank you, and stay tuned!

Build-a-Bear for Ladybug!

This was Chris’s birthday weekend, and we really tried to have some fun. However, so many things went awry that we abandoned most of our plans just to get back home. 

Still, we accomplished the one thing we needed to accomplish before visiting Ladybug: we made it to Build-a-Bear! We get to take a few small items to leave with her, and we were excited to build her her very own stuffed animal to keep when we have to return home without her. 

Introducing Hearts Full of Love!

She’s a cute little pink kitten with a cotton candy smell and stuffed, “not too firm and not too soft.” We recorded our own message to put in her paw so Ladybug could continue to hear our voices after we have gone. And she has four hearts inside, one from each of us, all with the wish that Ladybug would come home soon!

I wish I had thought to take photos of the process, but alas, we were in survival mode by then. I can’t wait to take Hearts Full of Love to Ladybug!