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We mailed off our remaining home study documents on Friday. So now we wait! Hopefully the drafting and review process for our home study will go quickly. It’s amazing how much getting ready to accomplish this first big hurdle makes the finish line feel all the closer!

I was reminded again today that God values time spent waiting. There are so many instances in His story of His people being asked to wait. When He asks us to wait, we must remember that we do not wait in vain! He is working, and He has a purpose for our time spent waiting. It’s a good reminder.

And so, for today, I choose to wait joyfully, expectantly, and cheerfully. My God sits on His throne; there is no reason for me to fret!


Home Study Visits: COMPLETE!

Our social worker spent the morning with us for our final home study visit! We are approaching a really big milestone – completion of the home study (HS).

Here’s my best understanding of what comes next:

The social worker will finish up the first draft of our HS. She will make sure that it meets requirements for both our HS agency and our placing agency. We will be given a chance to review it, and then we will send it “to the state” for approval (not sure which office actually handles that piece).

Once we receive that approval, we will be able to apply to USCIS (immigration) for an important form that needs to be included in our dossier (the official application to Ladybug’s country). At some point after we apply to USCIS, we will have to go for a biometrics (fingerprinting) appointment. And then, I think, we will be able to notarize nearly every document in the dossier, and then send it to the Colorado Secretary of State (I think?) for apostilles. An apostille is the state’s way of verifying the authenticity of the notary.

Once our dossier is all prepared, we will be able to send it off!

Please pray us through these next steps. Because I’m not super duper familiar with the timeline, I suspect I will have a hard time waiting for each mini-step. Pray that all involved in this process are able to work efficiently and quickly – ourselves included!

This process is definitely reaching the summit of one mountain only to find a taller mountain in the distance!

“And not only that, but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance; and perseverance, character; and character, hope. Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us.” -Romans 5:3-5

His stuff His way…

I don’t mean it to be cliche, but God’s got it all under control. He used beloved friends of ours to meet an impressive financial deadline two days before it was due. I hadn’t been concerned about meeting the deadline, but I have to admit my lack of concern was less about trusting in His provision and more about distraction and other less noble emotions and assumptions. But, He took care of us and met a real need, whether we perceived it as such or not.

We’re making real, good progress on the home study, but I’ll never feel content at the pace, I suppose. On one hand, I understand the paperwork; but mostly I just hate that Ladybug needs a family, and our family needs a Ladybug. And yet we’re separated by thousands of miles and too many months.

We have completed three of our four home study visits. We’ve secured our birth and marriage certificates; gotten letters from the pediatrician testifying to the health of Poppy and Bumblebee; met with our nurse practitioner to have our own health verified; submitted financial documents and requested a letter from our bank to verify our fiscal health; discussed with our social worker where Ladybug might sleep, and whether or not we have fire extinguishers, and what kinds of expectations we hold for bringing Ladybug home.

We have also completed our first of three in-person adoption trainings. We, along with two other prospective adoptive families, met for several hours to discuss the ins and outs of becoming adoptive families. We discussed big and tough things like gains and losses for all involved in an adoption – spelling out what we gain and lose, what Ladybug will gain and lose, what her birth parents might have gained and lost, and so on.

So, I guess you could say that things are moving along relatively well at this point. We’re making progress on nearly every adoption-related front. Yay!

Please pray for these things specifically:

  • that Ladybug would know her worth and that she is loved, that she would have her needs met during this time of waiting;
  • that God would continue to provide financially for this adoption, and praises to Him for his faithfulness!
  • that we would be encouraged through the days and weeks and months of working hard to complete the process
  • that God would shut every door that the enemy tries to use to bring us down
  • that we would grow as a family and in our faith, ever-ready for where He calls us

Thank you dear ones!

Home Study Kick Off

I am happy to report we had our first home study visit last week. Our social worker is amazing! I’m so thankful for God’s provision.

The girls, Chris, and I had a wonderful time welcoming her into our home and getting to know her. The state of Colorado requires at least 8 hours of face-to-face interview time, so we have at least three more visits. At this first visit, we discussed lots of “easy” questions: typical daily routine, age of siblings, what our parents do, where we go to church, where Ladybug will sleep, our hobbies, etc.

Our social worker was so pleasant and laid back – she made our home walk-through nearly stress-free!

Please continue to pray for us as we continue to move forward in the process. We have a few more big items to check off our list for the home study – psychiatric and medical evaluations, bank and pediatrician letters, etc. June will be a big month for us as we have our first big training day, and at least one or two more of our home study visits.