God has called us to adopt internationally! Won’t you come along for the journey?


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Our Adoption Timeline

7/14/13 – first requested information on Ladybug
7/15/13 – received Ladybug’s file, along with the files of three other children
12/26/13 – requested updated information on Ladybug after seeing a new photo of her on the agency’s photo listing
4/14/14 – applications mailed to home study (HS) agency and placing agency along with the first set of fees for each
4/15/14 – application received by placing agency; accepted into their program; received dossier template
4/17/14 – application received by HS agency
4/18/14 – exempt provider agreement mailed to HS agency
4/21/14 – reference requests sent to our selected reference letter writers; exempt provider agreement received by HS agency; received autobiographies to fill out for HS; first adoption training date set; emailed placing agency regarding creating a Family Sponsorship Page (FSP) on Reece’s Rainbow (RR)
4/22/14 – permission granted to create FSP; document training with HS agency set for 5/5/14; RR fee sent
4/23/14 – sent RR form to HS agency; received information on Ladybug; filled out SAFE questionnaires for HS
4/24/14 – notarized RR forms and applied for FSP; submitted clearance information and filled out a second state’s request form; notarized and mailed information release form to HS agency
4/25/14 – submitted RR application fee
5/1/14 – RR FSP went live!
5/5/14 – document training with HS agency
5/7/14 – first and second HS visits scheduled
5/8/14 – mailed CDHS request
5/12/14 – received new information about Ladybug
5/13/14 – got fingerprints taken for CBI and FBI
5/14/14 – mailed fingerprints to CBI; sent off for marriage certificates; first HS visit
5/17/14 – first portion of HS fee sent
5/24/14 – letters from pediatrician arrived; mistake in Poppy’s birthdate, so new letter requested; marriage certificates arrived in the mail
5/28/14 – contacted psychologist for evaluation; ordered birth certificates; ordered book The Connected Child (required reading for HS agency training); CBI and FBI clearances received (CBI originally came sooner but with a typo in our last name)
– medicals, psych evaluation, and third HS visit scheduled; began reading In On It (required reading for placing agency); The Connected Child book arrived; birth certificates arrived
6/3/14 – corrected letters from pediatrician received
6/9/14 – second HS visit completed
6/12/14 – clearance from second state received
6/16/14 – third HS visit completed; final visit scheduled for 7/23/14; employment verification letter notarized and received; Chris’s CPR card scanned and sent to HS agency; Toddler Adoption book ordered (suggested reading from HS agency); potentially picked Ladybug’s new name!
6/19/14 – Toddler Adoption book received
6/21/14 – first HS agency training; turned in passport copies, pediatrician letters, birth and marriage certificates, employment verification letter, financial balance sheet, and “type of child” form
6/24/14 – physicals completed
6/26/14 – Kami’s lab-work completed
6/28/14 – letter from our bank arrived verifying our account information
7/1/14 – finished the book, In On It; first psych evaluation meeting
7/3/14 – filled out guardianship form; Kami’s medical information received; Chris’s lab-work completed
7/4/14 – day 1 of garage sale number 2
7/5/14 – day 2 of garage sale number 2
7/9/14 – spent time familiarizing ourselves with the dossier documents
7/10/14 – completed “Conspicuous Families” training through Adoption Learning Partners (ALP)
7/11/14 – watched a documentary on YouTube about Ladybug’s country
7/14/14 – completed employment verification letter for the dossier
7/17/14 – second and final psychological evaluation; received report
7/20/14 – scanned home study documents to our home study agency; completed “Let’s Talk Adoption” training through ALP
7/21/14 – received Chris’s medical information
7/23/14 – final home study visit from our social worker!
7/25/14 – completed “Medical Issues in International Adoption” training through ALP; began “With Eyes Wide Open” training through ALP
7/30/14 – received notarized guardianship form from our designated guardians; received doctor’s letters on letterhead for Chris and Kami; doctor’s letters both contained typos
7/31/14 – received corrected doctor’s letters
8/1/14 – mailed remaining HS documents!
8/12/14 – completed “Adopting the Older Child” training through ALP
8/22/14 – home study report written and off for HS agency review
8/26/14 – home study report off for placing agency review
8/30/14 – home study report for our review
8/31/13 – finished our review and sent off our questions/comments/corrections
9/3/14 – signature pages arrive in the mail
9/4/14 – signature pages signed and returned to HS agency, along with payment for state approval of our home study
9/8/14 – completed “With Eyes Wide Open” training through ALP
9/11/14 – signature pages and check arrive at our HS agency (grr. Should NOT have taken a week. Lesson learned.)
9/12/14 – home study is state-review bound; two of our four dossier reference letters arrive
9/15/14 – our third dossier reference letter arrives
9/16/14 – I800a application filled out
9/17/14 – I800a application and USCIS payment mailed to our HS agency so they can attach our home study and submit the application
9/18/14 – dossier work
9/19/14 – verbal state approval of our home study; dossier work; emailed medical forms to our provider; left a voicemail with our police chief; picked up two state-certified marriage certificates for our dossier
9/20/14 – received final dossier reference letter
9/23/14 – received Chris’s local police clearances for dossier; state approval for home study arrives at our home study agency
9/25/14 – I800a application mailed to USCIS; received Kami’s local police clearances for dossier
9/26/14 – received Chris and Kami’s medical letters for dossier
9/27/14 – second of three home study agency trainings; turned in the majority of our dossier to HS agency for help with apostilles
9/30/14 – mailed remaining dossier forms
10/2/14 – USCIS texted that they received and processed our application
10/8-9/14 – apostilled our dossier
10/9/14 – receipt from USCIS came in the mail
10/12/14 – biometrics appointment information arrived in the mail
10/14/14 – received all-but-complete apostilled dossier in the mail
10/15/14 – mailed Bumblebee’s passport application
10/16/14 – received update on Ladybug
10/17/14 – received update on Ladybug
10/18/14 – received update on Ladybug
10/20/14 – received update on Ladybug
10/25/14 – received update on Ladybug
10/27/14 – biometrics complete
10/30/14 – received update on Ladybug
11/6/14 – received update on Ladybug
11/9/14 – received update on Ladybug
11/15/14 – USCIS approval!
11/17/14 – final paperwork and apostille fee mailed to HS agency to procure final apostille
11/19/14 – USCIS approval apostille obtained
11/22/14 – dossier mailed to placing agency for review!; final HS training
11/24/14 – dossier arrived at placing agency
11/26/14 – dossier approved by placing agency
12/3/14 – dossier sent to country; officially “waiting to travel!”
12/18/14 – received travel preparations package from placing agency
12/26/14 – finished reading The Connected Child
12/29/14 – finished reading a country/culture specific book to meet cultural education requirements; submitted book reports on The Connected Child
12/30/14 – completed “The Journey of Attachment” course on ALP
1/1/15 – finished reading Raising Adopted Children
1/13/15 – completed “Grief and Loss” course on ALP
2/4/15 – submitted all of our completed education to our placing agency
2/9/15 – alerted from our agency that Ladybug’s country needed the original document of something we sent only a copy of
2/10/15 – procured notary and drove straight to the Secretary of State to procure the apostille; sent apostilled original document to our placing agency; placing agency confirmed that our dossier is in process and won’t be delayed due to needing this document!
2/11/15 – document arrived to placing agency
2/12/15 – received an update from our lawyer Ladybug’s country that he is checking daily for an update to our case!
3/4/15 – received travel dates and booked flights!
3/21/15 – flew to Ladybug’s country
3/23/15 – MET LADYBUG!
3/23/15-3/27/15 – Spent time with Ladybug twice daily and registered for her with her government
3/28/15 – flew home
5/22/15 – received notice of her prime minister’s approval for her to join our family
6/3/15 – received article 16 (her official paperwork) and the I800 application for our immigration services
6/4/15 – mailed our signature pages to our agency for the I800 application
6/5/15 – I800 application left our agency, USCIS bound
6/8/15 – notice of application’s delivery to the lockbox in Texas
6/9/15 – our hard copies of the I800 and the Article 16 arrived via mail
6/10/15 – heard from USCIS that our application has been received and is being routed to a case officer
6/16/15 – received paper receipt in the mail
6/17/15 – verbal i800 approval received when I called to check our case status; approval going out today
6/22/15 – received paper provisional i800 approval in the mail
6/23/15 – received National Visa Center numbers when I called to check our case status; sent our numbers to our agency
6/24/15 – NVC numbers arrived via automated email
6/30/15 – after a short worldwide delay, finally our DS-260 was processed
7/1/15 – received notice that DS-260 was processed
7/6/15 – emailed the embassy to check our case status
7/8/15 – heard response from embassy; heard from agency requesting Ladybug’s new name; received travel notice for our final trip!
7/9/15 – booked flights!
7/28/15 – prayer meeting send-off
7/30/15 – drove to Denver
7/31/15 – flew out
8/2/15 – arrived in Ladybug’s country after extended travel due to a cancelled flight
8/3/15 – saw Ladybug again!
8/4/15 – court
8/12/15 – adoption day! She’s ours! Picked up court decree
8/13/15 – Ladybug left the orphanage forever
8/20/15 – embassy interview
8/21/15 – visa pick up
8/22/15 – Ladybug’s citizenship day; arrived in Denver
8/23/15 – HOME!


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