Emotional (and prayer requests for our warriors)

“Tremendous” is the word a fellow traveling adoptive mama used to describe what we’re about to experience, and I can think of no better word. 

I don’t even know how else to describe the emotions… Perhaps incredible excitement, anticipation, trepidation, and maybe even fear. 

We can’t wait to meet her!


Prayer Requests

-Please pray for all things travel and health related: no lost luggage, no missed flights, happy girls, sane parents, compassionate flight mates, healthy tummies and ears and noses, etc. 

-Please pray for our interactions with Ladybug: pray for peace and ease and beautiful memories; pray for useful visits; pray we know the right questions to ask; pray we are sensitive to her needs; pray we can love others well; pray our girls handle all the new situations as well as possible

-Pray for the other children still waiting for families

-Pray for the progress of our adoption from this point forward: pray that it will not be long before we can return to Ladybug’s country for court and to bring her home forever; for for the other families in process, with whom we’ve developed friendships


See you on the other side!


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