Build-a-Bear for Ladybug!

This was Chris’s birthday weekend, and we really tried to have some fun. However, so many things went awry that we abandoned most of our plans just to get back home. 

Still, we accomplished the one thing we needed to accomplish before visiting Ladybug: we made it to Build-a-Bear! We get to take a few small items to leave with her, and we were excited to build her her very own stuffed animal to keep when we have to return home without her. 

Introducing Hearts Full of Love!

She’s a cute little pink kitten with a cotton candy smell and stuffed, “not too firm and not too soft.” We recorded our own message to put in her paw so Ladybug could continue to hear our voices after we have gone. And she has four hearts inside, one from each of us, all with the wish that Ladybug would come home soon!

I wish I had thought to take photos of the process, but alas, we were in survival mode by then. I can’t wait to take Hearts Full of Love to Ladybug!


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