It’s about time for an adoption update!

We’re surviving in this black hole of “waiting to travel.” In fact, life is going along just fine. We are staying busy which keeps us distracted, and at this point in the process, distractions are very welcome!

Process Update

We can’t and don’t expect many updates on the dossier review process. We know our dossier left for Ladybug’s country 12/3/14, and we didn’t know if we’d hear anything before it was time to travel to meet her. Well, we got an email from our agency earlier this week saying that her country is requesting the original document of something which we only sent a copy. Needless to say, we felt it imperative to remedy that quickly, and I made a mad dash drive to Denver yesterday to get the apostille on the original document! It’s now safely in our agency’s hands and should head overseas soon.

This could’ve been a setback, but it turns out to be a blessing! Because of this, we now know for 100% sure that our dossier in currently in process and being reviewed by Ladybug’s government! Yay! We were also guaranteed that they will continue the process with our dossier knowing that the original document requested is on its way. Phew!

Practically, this still means very little as it gives us no clearer time frame, but we’ll never turn down an update! Praise God!

Fundraising Update

We have been so blessed by all of you, our friends, family, and supporters. God is using you in mighty ways, and the financial piece of this puzzle has NEVER slowed us down one minute from getting Ladybug home as fast as it is within our power to do so. We are eternally grateful!

I would absolutely say that our T-Shirt fundraiser has been a success! Though we only have two shirts in stock, we would love to place another order for shirts if there’s more interest. Please let us know.

Additionally, we were so very blessed to have been the beneficiary of a sweet soup luncheon this past weekend held by the churches in my small hometown. You should’ve seen the huge number of crockpots lined up holding various delicious soups and stews! I wish I had taken a photo! We are amazed by the generosity that has been shown us and Ladybug, and we know that God sees all who have helped make this dream a reality.

We have a few more fundraisers up our sleeves, including a Willow Tree nativity piece auction! Stay tuned!


Please continue to pray for us and for Ladybug. Pray that we meet her soon and that God’s timing of this process would prevail over governments and red tape. We also covet your prayers for the other children without families in Ladybug’s country. Some have families coming for them, but most do not.

Thank you!


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