Birthday Interview – Poppy’s 4th Birthday

See Poppy's birthday interview from last year here.

Poppy’s 4th Birthday Interview

Who is your best friend? – Lydia (Lydia is definitely her closest friend who is not also her cousin 😉 )

What is your favorite food? – chocolate chip pancakes; graham crackers and milk

What is your favorite dessert? – “The dessert that had chocolate that we had in those little cups!” (AKA Chocolate Espresso Pots de Creme – Yum!)

What is your favorite drink? – chocolate milk

What is your favorite song? – Let it Go (Sigh… So unoriginal this year 😉 She also loves to sing “Open Up the Heavens” by Meredith Andrews)

What is your favorite book? – Frozen

What to be when you grow up? – “I think I wanna be a queen.” (pause) “Can you say where I want to go when I grow up?” (I asked) “To T***** with Grammy and Papa!”

Where do you want to go? – to T***** (where Grammy and Papa live)

What is your favorite toy? – Anna and Elsa dolls (Do you notice a theme here?)

What is your favorite game? – The cherry game that Grammy had – Hi Ho Cherry-O!

What’s your favorite thing to sleep with? – soft and fuzzy things

What is your favorite thing to wear? – “My Elsa dress and this dress (an Americana one), and can you ask me about shoes now?”

What do you want for your birthday? – Elsa stuff to go with my Elsa dress

What’s your favorite animal? – Ladybug! No, but not ladybugs. I don’t like ladybugs. (thinks…) My stuffed puppy, Aurora!

What’s your favorite fruit? – blueberries

What’s your favorite thing to do outside? – play

What’s your favorite show? – Justin Time

What’s your favorite movie? – Frozen

Who’s your favorite football team? – Broncos and the Cowboys




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