“Waiting to Travel”

That’s us! It’s so exciting. We submitted our dossier the end of November, and it left for Ladybug’s country the beginning of December. That means, we are officially “waiting to travel!”

In all reality, our dossier is likely beginning the translation process about right now – who knows. Ladybug’s country celebrates Christmas after the New Year, so not much business work will be completed from now until late January. That may slow our process down by a few weeks, but it is what it is.

We likely will wait a few months and then may only have 5-7 days notice before we need to arrive in country! So, right now we’re finishing up our education requirements and mentally preparing for a week-long trip.

We cannot wait to meet this sweet little girl who stole our hearts so many months ago! We are taking both Poppy and Bumblebee along with us in hopes that they will also be able to meet Ladybug and spend time with her.

If you would, please pray with us:

  • That Ladybug stays healthy
  • That we are well-prepared to travel when the time comes
  • That we would have peace as we wait
  • That this be the final Christmas Ladybug spends without us!

Thank you to all our many friends and supporters. We literally couldn’t do this without the hand of God moving among His Church to provide. We are blessed by each of you.



2 thoughts on ““Waiting to Travel”

  1. Gayla Butler

    Kami and Chris, May God watch over Ladybug until she can finally be with you. I know God is with you all because he chose a wonderful, loving family for Ladybug. He know’s she will be raised in a loving home and in a home where God is always present. Much Love…Gayla


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