So many updates!

It’s been a little bit since I’ve updated our blog to reflect our current progress! A lot has happened.

Our home study is not only complete, but it is also state-approved and apostilled! Because our state law does not allow us to posses our home study report, our agency has been responsible for all of these steps. It will soon be sent to our placing agency to be included in our dossier!


In case you are wondering what an “apostille” is…


It’s simply a state seal from the Secretary of State that certifies the notary on our documents.

We applied for the initial immigration approval a few weeks ago and have received our official fingerprinting (biometrics) appointment date! So, we wait just about 10 more days before we complete that piece of the process. After our fingerprints have been collected, our whole case will be assigned to a caseworker for his or her review. We will be waiting for an update in the mail – either a RFE (Request for Evidence) if something is incomplete or… our approval!

The I800a approval is the last piece of the dossier that we need to prepare. The remaining documents of our dossier are completed, notarized, and apostilled! We will apostille our I800a approval as quickly as possible, and then send the entire dossier off to our placing agency. They have a few steps to complete with it before they send it off to Ladybug’s country. That will be a huge step forward, and then the clock will start ticking for our first trip!

Aside from steps forward with the process itself, we have also been busy applying for Bumblebee’s passport and, best of all, receiving updated photos of our Ladybug! There is another family in her country now who is on their final trip to bring home their son, and they were able to see Ladybug and take some photos! Best gift ever!


Take one for Bumblebee’s passport photo. Notice my ineptness at buttoning her sweater. But also notice her sweet half grin. Too bad she was too far away from the camera here. Take three ended up being the keeper!

I remember mentioning to the adoption specialist at our home study agency early on that I just couldn’t imagine how I would stay sane as the time passed by. We are now officially 6 months into this process, and I’ve found what she said to be true: we keep living our life! It sounds so anticlimactic, but it’s so true. God is so good and has so much for us in this time of waiting. So much to learn and do and experience. And certainly raising Poppy and Bumblebee keeps us very happily distracted from the arduous waiting process.


Poppy and Bumblebee are becoming more interactive all the time!

Poppy and Bumblebee are growing so quickly and seemingly changing daily. We are rounding the corner to Bumblebee’s first birthday (unbelievable!), and she’s even just started walking in the past few days!

And so, we carry on. Thank you for waiting with us and encouraging us as we wait!


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