We are so blessed that our agency is able and willing to provide relatively frequent updates of our Ladybug as we work to bring her home. Sometimes, we receive photos of and anecdotal information about our sweetie from other families who see her while visiting their own children in the orphanage. Other times, our agency’s in-country contacts are able to visit and take a snapshot or a quick video and maybe updated height and weight measurements.

Ever since we first saw a photo of our Ladybug in July 2013, we have been given small glimpses into her little life so far. Through photos and videos, we have watched her beautiful brown hair grow and curl up. We have heard her sweet voice and her beautiful laugh. We see her shy smile in one video and her pensive looks in other photos.

It’s not much, but we’re extremely grateful for what we’re given, both now and as we look toward Ladybug’s future. We are grateful that she will have some baby photos – that at least some pieces of her history are being preserved for all time. We are grateful for the chance to watch her grow in small glimpses from afar; but we are even more grateful for her sake, that she will be able to see glimpses of her story, her story that began long before she comes home.


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