Garage Sale Success!

We are so grateful!

Our donation garage sale was a smashing success! We worked hard and raised roughly 25% of our next big fee that we’ll owe to our placing agency when we submit our dossier in a few months.


Filling up…

We chose to have a Friday/Saturday sale, and we planned to start each day at 8:00 AM. Bright and early Friday morning, just as we were starting to set up, we had customers start trickling in as early as 6:30 AM! And, they didn’t stop for several hours. We stayed consistently busy through the morning. We closed up shop on Friday around 5:00 PM but were back at it early the next morning. Saturday customers fizzled earlier in the day, and we had the whole garage sale packed up and put away by about 6:00 or 6:30 PM. Phew!


Unloading more donations!

It was a lot of work to collect and sort donations and then work the sale, but well worth it for sure. We’re very grateful to so many people who helped us make this fundraiser a success!


The baby wasn’t for sale 🙂

Thank you to my mama for coming to help during the sale, especially by helping attend to the girls. Thank you to our church for donating tables for us to use! Thank you to my uncle and dad who helped us figure out how to price a few items that we weren’t as familiar with. Thank you to my friend Jamie for coming to spend a few hours sorting clothes and giving me a pep talk. Thank you to my parents for lending us their pickup and trailer.


Our full garage, part of the way through the sorting process!

And a huge thank you to everyone who donated their unneeded items:
Katrina and family
Charles and Michelle
Kim and Marcie
Jerry and Peg
Jay and Sharon
Kyle and Jamie
Ron and Lori
Poncho and Chanelle
Steve and Amanda
Ben and Rachel
Chris and Ashley
Chris and Anna
Kristina and family
Monte and Linda
Linly and Sherell
Jay and Tara

All the donations we received totaled to roughly 128 bags of stuff! When we first advertised our sale, we promised that donors would receive an entry into winning a cash prize! Our winners have been determined (thanks Poncho and Chanelle!


Taking a break from our busy Friday to celebrate Independence Day!

We are just so blessed by the support that everyone has provided us so far on our journey to bring Ladybug home. We are antsy to finish this long race and one day tell our sweet girl just how loved she is.


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