Ladybug for Chris and Kami

If you’ve followed our adoption decision at all, you likely know the role that Reece’s Rainbow has had in growing our love for sweet kiddos all over the world who need families. And even though we did not “find” Ladybug on Reece’s Rainbow, we were delighted to learn that we could still be a part of the RR family by creating a Family Sponsorship Page on their website.

Reece’s Rainbow advocates for waiting children and families pursuing adoption in many ways. One big way is their grant-making ministry. They build grants for each child through donations to help families be able to afford the costs of international adoptions. Generally speaking, the larger a child’s grant becomes, the easier it may be for a family to bring that child home forever.

Aside from raising grants for waiting children, they also allow families in the adoption process (like us!) to create Family Sponsorship Pages where friends, relatives, and even strangers passionate about helping children find forever homes can make tax deductible donations to raise a grant that the family can use for adoption expenses! They’re the bee’s knees, if you ask me.

Our FSP went live on our 4th anniversary, and it was just a really special moment to me. It’s probably quite silly, and I don’t know if anyone can understand, but… Sigh.

So if you’d like to join with us in bringing home our sweet girl, please consider a gift to our FSP! Even better if you can mail a check to RR designated for us so that we can avoid the 3% Paypal fees.

Here’s the page! Thanks folks.

Ladybug for Chris and Kami


2 thoughts on “Ladybug for Chris and Kami

  1. Autumn

    Hi! I think I was in a homestudy class with you a few weeks ago 😀 How fun that you have a RR page – my kids (that you saw there) were found on RR too, they were listed as “Adam and Nessie” and came home in 2012. I recognized you from “Ladybug”! I’d love to keep in touch! My email is autemin at hotmail dot com.


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