Fill a Bag for Good!

Attention all local friends and family: we’re having a garage sale!

Over 4th of July weekend, we will be working our tails off to raise some funds to help bring the little one home!

We need your help! Do you have any unwanted or unneeded items that you’d like to offload to us to sell? While we have items of our own that we’re selling, we will also be relying heavily on donations from others to make this sale a success. And to up the ante, we’ve decided to play a little game: for every bag of donations you submit, you’ll be entered into a cash giveaway! Let’s have some fun with this! The more you donate, the more entries you earn. What’s the prize? One winner will be drawn to receive 10% of the garage sale earnings! We held our own, small-ish sale in March and made about $500.00. Fifty bucks would be a fun time, right?

Check out the flyer here: Fill a Bag For Good

Spread the word! We are working hard, and we’re so thankful for your prayers and support.



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