Feels so real!

To the outsider, it’s hard to see the progress we’re making in our adoption process. But to us, we are sure taking some solid baby steps!

Most exciting is this: after following Reece’s Rainbow nearly daily for two years, we have a family sponsorship page! You can check us out here. Also very cool is that within the first evening that we showed up under “New Commitments,” some gracious soul had already “zeroed our zero” by making a donation to support Ladybug and her adoption! We are so grateful for the support of others. Seriously.

Additionally, Chris and I each have answered multiple pages of questions comprising our autobiographies, completed state-mandated questionnaires, and are beginning the background checks associated with completing our home study. We have been trained on the rest of the documents we will need to procure for the home study, have the dossier checklist, and our wonderful friends and family who have served us as references are working on those letters!

When one considers the adoption process, it feels like a whole lot of waiting. And as daunting as all the paperwork is, I appreciate the small steps I can take each week to make progress. I know the harder waiting periods are coming.

Please continue to pray for us and for Ladybug!


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