Our little lady from afar has an alias that we’ve come to know her by over these last few months. In many ways, that alias will probably always be sentimental to me when I think of our journey to each other.

However, she deserves a proper nickname like her sisters! Just as we referred to Poppy and Bumblebee as such before their births, so now our newest little lady will also have a new name for us to use during this journey: Ladybug!

We can’t wait to for the chance to give her a new name signifying her identity as one of our own; and this is an exciting first step.


One thought on “Ladybug

  1. Denene

    Hello! My name is Denene we are adopting from the same country and using the same agency as you!! Our son has the same diagnosis As your sweet girl! I’d love to talk with you! We are traveling any day now for our first trip! My email is or fid me on Facebook Denene Goodyear . Our children are in the same orphanage!


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