Frequently Asked Questions

What is a waiting child?
A waiting child is one who has been pre-identified and advocated for due to extra obstacles he or she faces. Those obstacles include age and special needs, mostly.

What can you tell me about the child you hope to adopt?
We are prayerfully pursuing the adoption of a little girl younger than Poppy and older than Bumblebee.

How long will this take?
International adoption varies substantially due to many factors. We have been advised that an average process for adopting a waiting child from our country of choice takes 12 months.

What will it cost?
Completing our home study will cost at least $6,000. The rest of the process will cost at least $21,000. Traveling incurs additional expenses, as well as donations to the orphanage where our child currently lives.

Why is international adoption so expensive?
The adoption process involves many people working together to follow the laws and regulations set forth by two separate countries. These means a considerable amount of paperwork must be produced, certified, apostilled, mailed, reviewed, translated, and submitted. The money we will save and raise will also be used to pay our agencies for their important and necessary work in our adoption process – helping us to complete our home study, know and follow all laws concerning adoption, helping us to complete post-adoption reporting requirements, and so much more. It will be used to complete the necessary travel requirements – two trips and time spent in country… and to pay for many other pieces of the process.

How do you intend to fund your adoption?
Ultimately, we are trusting God to provide. We have saved a large portion of the initial investment already and are cutting costs as best we can to fund this process with our own income. We are also researching the Adoption Tax Credit and adoption grants. We have already held one garage sale with proceeds going to our adoption fund and are planning other fundraisers. Stay tuned!

Can I help you brainstorm fundraising ideas?
Absolutely! We’d love to hear your thoughts! We recognize that some of you may not be able to support us directly with your finances but may be willing instead to help with other fundraisers, donate items for auction or sale, or otherwise advocate for us!


4 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

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  2. Bridget Lester

    Kami, when I read your adoption post I cried. God is so very good!! I know adoption has long been your family’s hearts desire and to see that becoming fulfilled is sweet to the soul. Please keep us posted and let us know if there is a website we can donate to the adoption process! Love you guys!

    1. Kami Post author

      Oh thank you so much! We are so excited and waiting on The Lord! Once we get a little further in the process, we hope to have an online donation link.


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