We have some exciting news: we’re in the beginning stages of an international adoption!


Over the last few years, we have become extremely passionate about the redemptive gift of adoption. As Christians, we humbly acknowledge our adoption into God’s family. He has called us by name, lifted us out as orphans, and made us heirs in His family.

You may or may not be aware of the utterly astounding orphan crisis existing in our world today. As societies all over the world ignore the blessing of children, the need is huge for Christians to shine a light and defend these little ones. In Eastern European orphanages, children are institutionalized with little hope of ever finding the love and acceptance of a family. And, the plight of the orphan with special needs is even more challenging. Those sweet children are cast out of society and often hidden away, believed to be burdensome. Many are transferred to adult mental institutions as preschoolers. The orphanages they live in are often poorly funded and under staffed. And even when physical and educational needs are met for these children (which is far from always), an orphanage can do very little to prepare a child for adult life with its requirements of meaningful relationships, emotional health, financial stability, and self-sufficiency. Overwhelmingly, orphans in Eastern Europe face insurmountable odds. And let’s face it – ultimately children need families.

There are many things that can be done to help these children. Many of you have likely already done much to obey Jesus’ command to care for orphans by praying for them, serving them on missions trips, sponsoring them financially, or adopting or supporting others in adoption. In many ways, large scale changes need to take place. And yet, love for children and a godly view of their worth is not something that can be government mandated. The change will happen with each heart that softens toward those who are in need.

Our journey toward adoption started before we even recognized it as such. Even upon marriage, we talked hypothetically about a desire to adopt “one day.” In the midst of losing three sweet babies to miscarriage over the course of 12 months in 2011-2012, God revealed that “one day” was much sooner than we would have guessed. Slowly and surely, we have been reading and researching, praying for waiting children, and prayerfully seeking God’s timing for our blessed opportunity to give a child a family. We believe that time has come.

We feel unequivocally called to adopt a waiting child from an Eastern European orphanage. We intend to pursue a child with non-correctable special needs – to give him or her a family, the chance to learn about Jesus, and the opportunity to reach his or her highest potential. We acknowledge that this will be difficult work. But we know that our God is our Redeemer, our Comforter, and our Strength. And, we simply believe that every single child is a blessing – regardless of their abilities, history, future, or labels the world has attached to them.

The life-saving work of adopting orphans is hard! We covet your support in this endeavor. We ask for your prayers, that God would open doors no man can shut. We ask that you pray specifically for the little one we will pursue. Pray for that child’s health, physically and emotionally. Pray for protection for that little one. Pray for Poppy and Bumblebee as we begin to prepare them for a new sibling. Pray for the process to go smoothly.

Additionally, the life-saving work of adoption is costly. Simply put, we cannot make this happen on our own. If God so leads, we humbly seek your financial help in making this adoption happen. Support from others will enable us to apply to both our placing agency and home study agency, to complete our home study, to cover the fees and expense of compiling our dossier (essentially our application to the country where our child lives), and to meet our child for the first time as well as complete the other necessary travel requirements.

We invite you to follow our story here on our blog. We can’t wait to walk this journey!

With love,
Chris, Kami, Poppy, and Bumblebee

All children were born to be loved! Thank you for joining with us to bring this kiddo HOME. 

For more details, please see the FAQ post.


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