Birthday Interview

A new tradition I’ve decided to start this year as little miss turns 3 is interviewing her on her favorite things! I’ve seen others do this and think it’s an excellent way to get a snapshot into their brains and gauge their growth over the years.

Without further adieu…

Poppy’s 3rd Birthday Interview

Who is your best friend? – Shayleah (Shayleah is one of her daddy’s coworkers. She likely answered this way (as opposed to naming one of her friends or cousins) because we just saw Shayleah at church, and Poppy was able to make funny faces with her).

What is your favorite food? – cottage cheese and bananas

What is your favorite dessert? – ice cream

What is your favorite drink? – chocolate milk

What is your favorite song? – Do Lord (This is a recent favorite; we just sang it at church a few weeks ago, and she loves it! Other favorites are Five Little Monkeys, Jesus Loves Me, Pop Goes the Weasel, The Name Game, 10000 Reasons, Kings and Queens, and ABCs).

What is your favorite book? – about shoes (I don’t know what she means by this. I cheated and repeated the question later, hoping to get a recognizable book, and she answered, “reading with Grammy” that time.)

What to be when you grow up? – nuh uh. Nothing. Nothing but a grown up.

Where do you want to go? – to Grammy’s house called T*****

What is your favorite toy? – playing with Grammy (Do you notice a theme here?)

What is your favorite game? – I don’t know. Maybe [gibberish] “poleah.” (What’s that? I asked.) I don’t know. One of my silly games.

What’s your favorite thing to sleep with? – Brown Baby and bunny blanket (Brown Baby is her favorite doll, a baby with brown eyes; and her bunny blanket is pink fleece with a bunny hood).

What is your favorite thing to wear? – purple dresses

What do you want for your birthday? – a pink bicycle and a pink gun (I cheated and didn’t ask this question at the same time as the others since we had this interview after her birthday. But, we heard the same response repeatedly for weeks before the big day).

What’s your favorite animal? – elephants and giraffes

What’s your favorite fruit? – banana

What’s your favorite thing to do outside? – blow bubbles

What’s your favorite show? – Daniel Tiger

Who’s your favorite football team? – Broncos



3 thoughts on “Birthday Interview

    1. Kami Post author

      Well, it wasn’t my own idea, but I’m happy to share! After seeing some of your kiddos’ cute comments, I’m sure their birthday interviews would be treasures! 🙂

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