My mama taught me to write thank you notes when I was young, and I grew up with the practice following each Christmas and every birthday. Even now, I still love to write and express gratitude in this way. And, I’d love to encourage my girls to do the same.

Last year, I decided to take a photo of Poppy with a sign that read, “Thank You!”

Noelle's 2nd Birthday thank you

Poppy’s 2nd Birthday thank you

She was too young to be too involved in the thank you note writing process after her birthday, so I thought this would help personalize her notes a bit more.

I loved the result, and I think they were well-received. I decided to do the same thing this year.

Thank you!

Thank you!

There are a few key things I love about these:

  • The aforementioned personal touch
  • The low expense
  • The fact that there’s no need for special envelopes
  • Sending loved ones a photo – I love receiving such “fun mail!”
  • And the fact that I’m not simply sending another piece of paper into other’s homes. They can (and many did, I noticed) hang the photo on their fridge. They can also add it to an album, or simply toss it.

I know many don’t care to send or expect to receive written thank you notes anymore. If that’s you, no worries! I’d love to hear your ideas on expressing gratitude to those around you.

Here are a few outtakes:

A runner-up pose...

A runner-up pose…


“Mommy, I want you.”


This post aka “I’m 3 and can only follow direction for a short amount of time!”


Another runner-up


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