Poppy has some big news to share:


We are so happy and excited to announce that I am pregnant and due the end of November!

This pregnancy has been very normal, and we are so grateful! We had an early ultrasound and saw that sweet beating heart – a milestone we never achieved with our three heaven-born babies; and we’ve now even heard the breathtaking “swish swoosh” of baby’s beating heart through the doppler.

Poppy is going to be such a good big sister – she is already so sweet about our Bumblebee (straying from the herb theme…). Most of the time, she is convinced she has a “bumblebee” in her tummy, too!

Pregnancy after loss has proven to be full of ups and downs, but we are eternally grateful for the ride that is our life!


4 thoughts on “Announcing…

  1. Rachel

    Congratulations! After just experiencing a miscarriage myself, I am so thrilled for you. I bet you are so beyond thankful for this baby. I love the pictures reveal too!!

    1. Kami Post author

      Thanks 🙂 We like it, too! If we don’t have a bumblebee themed baby shower, then this kiddo is going to have a bumblebee themed first birthday party! Can’t wait!


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