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Little A playing peek-a-boo with me this past August.

This Christmas, Poppy drew her cousin in the gift exchange. Little A is only 7 months older than Poppy, and they are really sweet friends. For a host of reasons, I haven’t yet taken the opportunity to make anything for A like I have for her big brothers; so for Christmas this year, I really wanted a personal touch.

I procrastinated a little too much, but I finally decided on a fabric memory game and a fabric tutu. Little A LOVES all things girly, so I knew the tutu would go over well. And, after sneakily chatting with A’s mama, I determined the memory game would work great, too (I suppose you could say I’m a Christmas gift espionage pro. Ha.).

So, several months a few days before Christmas, I set to work on her gifts. I know, I know… I definitely cut it close; but, remember these? They took quite a lot of my time.

I used this photo as inspiration for the memory game. I just LOVE fabric, and I loved the quality that shown through the photo. For better or for worse, though, the link appeared to lead nowhere (silly Pinterest), so I had to just make it up as I went.

I decided 12 matching pairs would produce an appropriate size game that would work for A’s age, too. I went through my fabric on-hand, and I chose twelve of the most different or distinguishable prints I had. Using a stencil from my old scrapbooking days – is it weird to refer to “the old days” when I’m only in my twenties? – I used my handy dandy water-erasable marker to trace around the fabric to show the exact picture I was looking for. I used the exact same section of fabric for each pair, if that makes sense. For example, for the red with white polka dots, I wasn’t picky; but for the various colored giraffes, I wanted the same pink giraffe on each game piece.

All of the pretty fabric cut and laid out.

All of the pretty fabric cut and laid out.

After tracing and cutting those, I set to cutting the fabric for the backside of the game pieces. Most of the time, seeing an inspiration photo is very helpful, but sometimes it can trip me up. Because the game pieces in the photo had white backs, that is what I subconsciously ended up shooting for. I had a large cream-colored sheet that I thought would work. I knew that the prints would show through, but I thought once I used the “steam-a-seam” between the fabrics then I would be okay.

I was wrong. Bummer.

See, no bueno...

See, no bueno…

Thankfully, my mom had a large black sheet; I am so glad! The black ended up looking so much richer than the cream would have. And, because I had wasted so much time making a pattern to cut the cream, tracing it, and cutting them all out, I was tired enough that I didn’t even trace the black fabric. I just eyed one and cut the rest as close to the same as possible. It went much more quickly and worked out just as well.

All the black fabric cut and ready for the next step!

All the black fabric cut and ready for the next step!

The Steam-a-Seam worked perfectly; I had zero complaints with it.

Bought this at Hobby Lobby, and it worked like a charm!

Bought this at Hobby Lobby, and it worked like a charm!

After adhering the fusible webbing, I was able to begin finishing each piece. My methods started out a little shaky; but one-third of the way through or so, I had it down. Each piece of black fabric was cut and adhered in such a way that the edges could be folded over twice – once to meet the edge of the game piece and once more to fold over the edge of the game piece – finishing (or hiding) both raw edges.

I ironed quite a bit to help the fabric stay in place while I sewed. I chose not to use and pins, however, as I was able to manage the fabric well enough without them. I would iron one short edge and then both long edges over the top of the ironed short edge. Then, I would sew clear across the one short edge. Finally, I ironed the remaining edge – a short edge – and then sewed the remaining three edges, corner to corner.

All complete!

All complete!

I will admit that this project took a little time to complete – but isn’t it worth it?! I am so happy with how this fabric memory game turned out that I can hardly wait to make one for Poppy.

Part two coming soon! can be found here!

I couldn't help but post this - one of their most recent pictures. <3

I couldn’t help but post this – one of their most recent pictures. ❤


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