Generations Apart

I am very blessed to have grown up knowing all four of my grandparents and even two great-grandparents (three of my great-grandparents were alive when I was born, but one passed before I was old enough to remember her). Growing up, I lived a few minutes from one set of grandparents and just a few hours from the other set.

That’s why photos of Poppy like these mean so much to me:

My maternal grandfather and my daughter.

My maternal grandfather and my daughter.

My Grampy came to visit for a few days, and Poppy took to him so well, especially considering her propensity to hide from new people and the fact that she hadn’t seen him in several months.

She called him “Pappy.” It was so adorable.

I’m so thankful we know how she interacts with him at her current age. The thought struck me this morning after he left that it’s very likely the “Pappy” moniker will be long gone by the time we see him again in a few weeks to celebrate Christmas. She is growing and changing so quickly.


Poppy opening a Big Bird toy from her Pappy.

Poppy played a new game with her Grammy and Pappy this morning before he left. They took turns hiding a micro-machine in their hands and then holding out their fists for Poppy to choose from. The pleasure in the simple things is amazing, and I’m so thankful for Poppy’s innate ability to show Chris and me how to slow down a bit and see things from a fresh perspective.

She got such a kick out of choosing one fist after another, looking for the little car. And, by choosing, I mean fist-bumping. Thanks to her daddy, Poppy responds with knuckles when you show her a fist. So cute.

Sometimes generation gaps are difficult to bridge. To be so many life stages apart makes it challenging to empathize with one another and truly connect. But, connections do happen, if only for the brief hug, the simply formed memory, and the ties that bind family together.

Generations apart – captured together.

Poppy and her Pappy

Poppy and her Pappy


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