The Should’ve Been

“If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” 1 John 1:9

I’m loving this new song by Citizen Way.

Ahh. Can’t get enough of it.

There’s something about this song and the way it cleverly reminds me about God’s goodness toward me. I am – by no stretch of the imagination – living the life I deserve. I’m simply a sinner saved by God’s grace, praising Him that there are innumerable “should’ve beens” that God has saved me from.

It widens my perspective. Living my life is not about, well, me. It’s about Him and the story He is writing. I don’t deserve this life.

“Should’ve been me. Should’ve been us. Should’ve been there hanging on a cross.”

Getting caught up in the mundane and seeing the struggle is so easy for our sinful selves to do. We live in a world of entitlement and pride. “Should’ve Been Me” reminds me that every. single. good thing I have is of the Lord. And every single bad thing I endure just does not compare to the hell I have been saved from.

Perhaps the part that impacts me the most is this:

“All of this shame, all of these scars, should’ve been stains that were never washed…”

We all have skeletons – bad decisions, bad days, bad months. More bad than we know what to do with. Too many hurts. Too many broken promises. Too many bad decisions. We’re too broken to fix ourselves.

When we accept His grace, mercy, and forgiveness, the impossible happens. Our deepest hurts, He carries. Our darkest secrets, He forgives. Our shame, our scars, and our stains are washed clean – white as snow.

“I guess it just leaves me saying, ‘Thank God’ for the should’ve been.”


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