Emotional (and prayer requests for our warriors)

“Tremendous” is the word a fellow traveling adoptive mama used to describe what we’re about to experience, and I can think of no better word. 

I don’t even know how else to describe the emotions… Perhaps incredible excitement, anticipation, trepidation, and maybe even fear. 

We can’t wait to meet her!


Prayer Requests

-Please pray for all things travel and health related: no lost luggage, no missed flights, happy girls, sane parents, compassionate flight mates, healthy tummies and ears and noses, etc. 

-Please pray for our interactions with Ladybug: pray for peace and ease and beautiful memories; pray for useful visits; pray we know the right questions to ask; pray we are sensitive to her needs; pray we can love others well; pray our girls handle all the new situations as well as possible

-Pray for the other children still waiting for families

-Pray for the progress of our adoption from this point forward: pray that it will not be long before we can return to Ladybug’s country for court and to bring her home forever; for for the other families in process, with whom we’ve developed friendships


See you on the other side!


Build-a-Bear for Ladybug!

This was Chris’s birthday weekend, and we really tried to have some fun. However, so many things went awry that we abandoned most of our plans just to get back home. 

Still, we accomplished the one thing we needed to accomplish before visiting Ladybug: we made it to Build-a-Bear! We get to take a few small items to leave with her, and we were excited to build her her very own stuffed animal to keep when we have to return home without her. 

Introducing Hearts Full of Love!

She’s a cute little pink kitten with a cotton candy smell and stuffed, “not too firm and not too soft.” We recorded our own message to put in her paw so Ladybug could continue to hear our voices after we have gone. And she has four hearts inside, one from each of us, all with the wish that Ladybug would come home soon!

I wish I had thought to take photos of the process, but alas, we were in survival mode by then. I can’t wait to take Hearts Full of Love to Ladybug!


We have had a very exciting morning – we received our invitation to travel to meet Ladybug! It’s really happening!!

Not every family gets much notice before they have to be in country, but we are blessed to have about 2.5 weeks’ notice. We have booked our flights, and we can’t wait to get over there and see her! Hug her! AHHH!

Chris called me once he got to work, and I figured he was going to tell me about the bad roads he drove on this wintry morning. But, all he said was, “check your email right now.” I barely read the email before I screamed and burst into tears. It freaked Poppy out a little bit, and so I quickly composed myself to explain what was happening!

We’ve spent the rest of the morning working with a travel agency and looking for a good flight. Now that we’ve found one, I don’t know what to do with myself! I guess I need to go dig the suitcases out of the closet!

Six families received their invitation to travel this morning, and a few of them have to be in country much sooner than we do. Please pray for us all! This is a very exciting and yet somewhat stressful time as we rush, rush, rush to prepare for the moment we’ve been waiting months for!